So, here is the dirt on dirt.  No matter what having good dirt is the best thing you can do for your plants!!  

So first lets distinguish between Dirt and Soil.  Soil is what nature provides undisturbed without help.  Dirt is what happens when soil is disturbed and dirt must contain a mineral component of sand, silt or clay as well as organic matter.  

So do you have good soil or does it need help.  Well, first look for earthworms when you dig, if you have a good amount that is a sign of healthy soil.  Also, take a look at your plants does the foliage look healthy and do the roots grow deep?  

Now, you decide you would like to amend your soil so your plants will grow better.  Different additives do different things.  Should you go natural with additives of chemical?  Well, chemical fertilizers are known to act too quickly sometimes and sometimes it can put too much or unneeded  material in the soil which can create problems.  These also do not contain trace minerals or micro-nutrients.  Many chemical fertilizers also contain pesticides which are harmful to the environment.  Organic additives are  a better choice they provide proper additives that enhance the soil.  Organic will provide food for the micro-organisms and contribute to a healthy ecosystem.  Organic is safer and better.  

Recommendations for Natural Additives

  • Homemade Compost - This is the most beneficial thing you can do for your soil.
  • Mature Manure - Farmers like to let animals graze in pastures because of the manure left behind.  
  • Worm Castings - This is the gold of gardening.
  • Actino Iron - A lot of commercial soil uses this, because it is great.