Solar Power Pros And Cons: Is Solar Power Worth It?


Solar power is growing like warts on a troll these days. If it were a disease, we’d have a full-blown epidemic. From $0-down leases to $0-down solar loans, there are easy ways to go solar these days. Even your grandmother can do it. But what are the actual pros and cons of solar power these days? Do the pros outweigh the cons? Is solar power worth it?

The simple answer is that it depends on many unique details regarding your home or business, your electricity usage, your utility’s and state’s programs and policies, and the solar resources available to you. Without the benefit of having that info for each of you, though, it may still be useful for me to run down the various generic advantages and disadvantages of solar power, so that’s what I’ll do here. Trying to be as comprehensive as possible, below are just about all of the solar power pros and cons I can think of.

Solar Power Pros

$ savings: As I said above, whether or not solar power will save you money, and how much it will save you, depends on a lot of factors specific to your situation. That said, if you have an unshaded roof that can host solar panels, there’s a high likelihood that solar power will save you tens of thousands of dollars over their lifetime.

Some might not care whether an investment saves them tens of thousands of dollars over two or three decades, but may care more about how fast the investment offers a return, what the ROI is. In many places, solar offers a very attractive ROI, but perhaps more importantly, you can often go solar through a lease, power purchase agreement, or loan these days, meaning that you can be saving money from the first month, but simply not saving as much over the long run. So, whether you are looking to maximize your return or simply start saving as soon as possible, solar power very likely offers exactly what you want.

On a broader, society level, solar power is a commonsense financial decision these days. The public healthclimate, and environmental savings from using solar instead of fossil fuels are huge, and even if you didn’t include those, solar is now cheaper than fossil fuels in a number of places anyway.

If you just care about money, or assume that this is the ultimate bottom line, then this solar power pro should have you sold already, so you can stop reading now. 

Protects our climate, air, and water: In the end, it really doesn’t matter how much money you have if you don’t have a livable climate, clean air, or clean water. And the scientific consensus is very clear by now: we need to cut carbon emissions drastically in order to protect our climate and this society, and solar power is a key way to do so. Similarly, solar power and wind power offer the most logical and cost-effective ways to cut pollution from electricity generation and also preserve our limited freshwater resources.

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