MAKE SURE IT IS LEGAL:  We make sure you understand what the town requires so that you are aware upfront what you need co's for and permits.

MAXIMIZE THE POSITIVES:  Minimize the negatives!  Our agents will go through your home and help you show off all of the homes assets.

SETTING THE PRICE:  Pricing a home correctly is key!  Our agents will not lie to you with an over inflated price just to get you to sign the papers.  You will get a true and accurate list price so that your relevant buyer pool will find your home.

PIN-POINTING NEEDED REPAIRS:  We will help you identify areas of your home that if given a minor repair could give you the biggest bang for your buck!

STAGING:  Realty Direct NY agents will give you tips on staging your home and getting it ready to sell.

PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEO:   Great photos can really help sell a house.  The agents at Realty Direct NY will take amazing pictures of you home and if you allow it will also do video tours to put on our website.

MARKETING:  This day and age you need more than just great pictures to sell a home.  Realty Direct NY utilizes Facebook in many different ways.  We syndicate your listing on a large volume of sites to maximize your audience.  

SETTING UP APPOINTMENTS AND FOLLOWING UP:  Listing agents work hand in hand with buyers and other agents to coordinate showings and get feedback to help with your sale.  Our agents will keep in touch with all buyers after they have seen the home because sometimes they will make an offer down the road.

MAKING SURE THE BUYER IS QUALIFIED:  A Realty Direct NY agent has the responsibility and the obligation to make sure they bring you a qualified buyer with the appropriate pre-approval for a loan.   If your transaction is all cash then we make sure that the buyer as the funds to act.  

THE NEGOTIATION:  Once a solid offer has been placed from a qualified buyer the negotiations begin.  This is where your agent will try to come to a "meeting of the minds" on pricing and conditions.  Since selling and buying a home is a very emotional experience, having an agent be the middle man keeps everything calm and professional.  

CONTRACT TO CLOSING:  A real estate transaction is seldom a smooth ride.  From appraisal issues, to title issues, to unexpected glitches in lending process all can derail the transaction. Our agents have been down these roads and we can anticipate some of these problems and even prevent some!

Hopefully, this brief over view gives you a better perspective on what a listing agent actually does.