Here is a helpful list!!!!


  • 2 years’ federal tax returns (all pages, all schedules, e.g. 1040EZ) & 2 years’ supporting information (e.g. W2, 1099, K1, etc.)
  • 2 years’ business returns for each corresponding corporate tax returns where borrower has 25%+ ownership
  • 2 months’ personal checking & savings statements as well as 401(k), IRA, stocks & bonds statements, etc.
  • Most recent 30-day/1 months’ pay stubs (If paid weekly, 4 consecutive stubs required)
  • 1 government-issued photo ID


  • Most recent mortgage bill
  • Most recent tax bill
  • Insurance policy
  • Most recent maintenance bill (if property is a condo/co-op)

Own other property?

  • Mortgage bills & statements
  • Tax bills
  • Insurance policies

Additional documents and information may be required!