1. Bidding Wars:  Some sellers and agents might be tempted to kick off a bidding war if there are several interested parties.  But be careful because if this is mishandled people might assume the worst and the best offer might walk away.  Setting deadlines for this can also be an issue because if you set them too far away some buyers will just move on.

2. Arguing about repairs:  Some buyers may walk if the seller refuses to repair any issues that come up after a home inspection.  Sellers should always take time and consider the repairs before just dismissing them.  Especially if the buyers offer is high.

3. Refusing to budge over the closing date:  Sometimes sellers try to ensure that their closing date is aligned perfectly with their move and new purchase.  You need to be a little flexible and even consider storage if you have a perfect buyer.

4. Feuding over fixtures:  This is common so listing agents should be very detailed to protect their seller from these types of issues.  Sometimes a fixture is what sealed the deal for some buyers and if you take it away they might walk away.  Sellers need to be willing to negotiate over these issues.