Stubborn clover can ruin a beautiful lawn. Yet, although it’s pretty stubborn, clover is actually beneficial. It brings nitrogen into the soil and encourages grass growth when it decomposes. In fact, some grass blends even include micro-clover as a welcome addition to a lawn.  Sounds crazy right.  Still, many homeowners simply don’t appreciate all those small white flowers interrupting their field of green. 

So if you really hate that clover, your in luck.  Here are some remedies:

  • KNOCK IT OUT WITH NITROGEN:  So most say a well fertilized lawn helps keep all weeds away, but insuring proper nitrogen levels will give you an extra boost against clover.  It is lack of nitrogen that allows clover to thrive.  
  • REMOVE IT MANUALLY: If you can catch it early then rip it out as soon as you see it.  Gently loosening the soil around the base and dig it up.  Get that root out.
  • COOK IT: Do you have a larger area covered in clover.  Grab a plastic sheet and lay it on top of the clover securing the corners.  This will deprive it of sunlight and oxygen.  This will kill it but it will take a while.
  • DOUSE IT:  Mix vinegar and a small amount of dish soap in a spray bottle and spot treat the clover.  
  • CORN GLUTEN: Corn meal gluten can be purchased at your local gardening store.  This can inhibit clover growth.  Spread 20 pounds per 1,000 square feet of lawn and water well.  It will release dipeptides into the soil, which dries out the seeds and makes it difficult for them to sprout.
  • HIT IT BACK WITH HERBICIDE:  Broadleaf herbicides will do the job.   Spot treat the areas.