Best Ways to Prepare Your Home For Sale

Making your house appears as attractive and friendly as possible from the street is imperative.  Without it, you will be hard put to get buyers interested in recognizing your home’s other attributes or potential.  Start with the MAILBOX, if you have one on the street.

  1. Remove all signs of deterioration.
  2. Remove rust from the box itself, and apply a new coat of paint.
  3. Replace tattered house numbers.

 The Yard

  • Mow it often enough to keep it looking neat.
  • Keep flower beds weed-free
  • Cut back overzealous shrubs that obscure windows.
  • Vines growing on the side of the house are a gray area.  Some people find them charming; others allow them to remain, keep them looking cultivated, not jungle-wild.  Most certainly, pull them off windows to avoid a decrepit atmosphere.
  • Pick up dead tree branches. Remove piles of anything from the yard that are unsightly, such as limbs, concrete blocks, flowerpots, or that stack of old bricks.
  • Trim shrubbery if it has started to get out of hand.
  • Clean out the fish pond.
  • Clean out fountains and bird baths.  (When showing your home, turn on fountains)
    • Buyers can concentrate on the yard only
    • Buyers don’t assume that your yard ornaments stay with the house.
  • Straighten up the woodpile.
  • If there is a swing that stays with the house, get it in good repair.  Oil squeaks, paint it, and replace missing parts.
  • Remove inoperable vehicles from the yard or drive.
  • Outbuildings need to be in good shape, paint them if needed.
  • See that all yard lights work.
  • Make dog pens or runs as clean and attractive as possible.  Pick up any animal excrement from the yard.
  • Spruce up the grill.
  • Pool must look inviting.
  • Arrange your patio furniture in an attractive way.  Place a book on a chair in a shady corner.  Leaving up the table umbrella lends a festive touch.  Flowers in containers will add lively color.